Veri Peri Story

George Gustavo once quoted, “Travelling leads to explorations and explorations to innovations.”

It was during one such excursion of his, that the place you are right now at was found.

A culture enthusiast, George set out on one of his adventures towards Africa in his Mid-20s. During his explorations in the small village of  Provincia de Tete,  he met  Mama Veri, a woman in he autumn of her life yet strong on her feet. George spent a while in that village, helping Mama Veri cook for the little ones. Before he could realise, he had become a sous-chef to old Mama Veri.

One day, while prepping the kitchen, George came across, and was intrigued by a tiny breed of chilli, as bright red as any could be, and had a unique aura about its taste. The old lady called it Piri Piri, and used it sparingly as her secret ingredient whenever she grilled a chicken or a skewer of espetadas. George had almost spent a fortnight in the village and it was now time to carry on his adventure. While exchanging final goodbyes, Mama Veri handed out to George, two small pouches and whispered, “It’s my secret. Share wherever you are.”

To his joy, George found out a budding sapling of the Piri Piri he so admired and a ground version, in each pouch. Back home, reminiscing on his times in the village, George started growing the plants, waited till summers, and once the Piri Piri (Peri Peri) was ready to use he would call on guests to what he called the Veri-Peri experience. And that is how folks, journeys have produced legends from places we least expect.

Veri Peri was born.